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USS Westard Venture

Dubai 2008

Technicians Traveled to ship and repaired entire combustion control system, repaired numerous leslie control valves, calibrated instruments and transmitters, installed new temperature sensors.

Summer 2008
Our Technician traveled to the ship and calibrated pressure gauges, thermometers, transmitters, level alarm system, and alarms.

USNS Pomeroy

South Korea 2008

Our Technician traveled to South Korea and calibrated nearly 400 instruments onboard the ship.

USNS Antares
Winter 2008
Our Technician traveled to the ship and Calibrated all the critical instruments on board. All the rejected instruments where replaced.

Atlantic Marine Jacksonville Fl
We supplied all the pressure gauges for a work boat built by Atlantic Marine.

USNS Regulus

Philadelphia 2009

Our Technician traveled to the ship and calibrated 200 critical instruments.

US Ink Company

 Jacksonville 2009

Repaired Tank Level Indicating system and calibrated tank level alarm system for proper operation.

USNS Pollux

Philadelphia, Spring 2009

Calibrated 74 Critical Gauges, Thermometers and switchboard meters

USNS Stockham

Spring 2009

Calibrated nearly 650 instruments onboard the vessel in drydock.

US Ink Company

Jacksonville 2009

Designed, built, installed low level tank level system.

Kings Pointer

Jacksonville 2009

Calibrated 300 instruments onboard, including gauges, thermometers, meters and tank level indicators.

USNS Impeccable and USNS Effective

Japan 2009

Calibrated critical instrumentation onboard vessels.

USNS Waters


Installed and Calibrated Nearly 100 Instruments Onboard the Vessel.